Song of the Moon S t a g e N e w s

About this work

  This work reminds us of what we lose when the nature is destructed. the messege of this work is to convey the idea that human beings have to live together with the lives of the forest,  letting both the wounds of the moon light and the human desires be sollved in the moon light and the girl's dream.
  This work titled " The Song of Moon" implying the mystery and the dream of the child may be the audience eyes with which they see, reflecing and witnessing the both sides of human and nature.
 Especially unlike recent original dance works, a motion development accompanied with the method performance and gesture, invisible motion of life and the imagination are metaphysically expressed  in this work and the music performers also participates as performers wiht characters, this work being expected to introduce to the audience the new and fresh styled view of points.

5. Aug. 2009 ~ 6 . Aug. 2009   PM.07;30
Cheongju City Dance Company


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