environment project 1 MOTHER'S TREE S t a g e N e w s



This performance was organized to alert people to the environmental problem and recognize it as their own problem. Through music, not language, we intend to express the seriousness of climate change and nature destruction which seemed distant, and deliver an emotional message that the world can sympathize. With continuous performances jointed with the environmental movement, we plan to run the Environment Project in a various way. As its first work, Mother's Tree, the complex music concert which combines the korean traditional music with movement, and video, was born. The story begins with a girl who dies as a victim of the atomic bomb. She travels around the dark spaces by the power of the myths, soothes the earth which was hurt by human selfishness, and goes back to the nature. The totemism, which worships the nature in the age that people adapted themselves to nature, exists and has been passed down everywhere in the world. This original, common story is based on a Mongolian myth.


1. Intro_ (HAE-GUEM Solo)

2. 검은 무지개 Dark rainbow

3. 하얀 해를 보다. See the white sun

4. 가라앉는 섬 Sinking island

5. 초원의 사자 Death Messenger in the grassland

6. 메트로노믹스 metronomics

7. 나무의 노래 Mother's Tree

composer/Haegeum/Gayageum/movement_구수정 Ku Su Jung

percussion_고명진 Ko Myung Jin


elec. guitar_최정우 Choi Jung-U

Movement_안현숙 Ahn Hyun sook



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